About Us

Our Goal

The Goal of AskTheVet Mobile Veterinary Services is to provide untraditional quality veterinary care to pet owners. Please see our locations. Otherwise a private in home appointment can be scheduled.

Treat your pet with compassion – Visit pet dental specialist

Do you feel your pet needs personalized healthcare at home? Are you looking for end of life care at home? Are you looking for pet dental specialist? If yes, then you have landed on the right page because Ask The Vets is bringing a paradigm shift in the way you treat animals.

Our approach towards veterinary euthanasia at home

Our idea of pet care goes beyond all conventional approaches because we know that pets are comfortable in their own environment which means the treatment will be effective and your pet will recover quickly; therefore, we offer mobile pet care services that are just a call away.

Combine our professionalism with our expertise; you are going to get highly satisfactory service. Most importantly, ours is a pet-friendly service, we consider pets as the focus of our existence. Be it our pet dental specialist, surgeons, and euthanasia specialists, all our specialists are qualified, experienced and skilled in their respective fields.

If you are looking for veterinary euthanasia at home, then do not think beyond us because we understand the urgency of the situation better than everyone else. Ours is a highly compassionate and scientific approach. First, we assess the health condition of your pet to identify whether the pet should be euthanized or not, if we find that the pet can be cured, then we offer a step-wise treatment plan.

In case, we find that the pet is destined to live through pain and there is no remedy, then we involve our clients in the decision making process of end of life care.

Why should you choose us?

AskTheVet Mobile Veterinary Services is NOT just a vaccine clinic. AskTheVet offers comprehensive veterinary care that includes complete health check-ups and a range of veterinary care solutions at a reasonable cost. In addition to private home visits, we also provide veterinary services at a number of your pets favorite hang-outs (i.e. pet boutiques, pet supply stores, boarding facilities, etc.), so please view our list of various locations. Call us today, we have a team that responds quickly and immediately because we operate with a sense of urgency, clarity and compassion.